Long overdue

April 30, 2009 jennfl

Wow so, I don’t even know how long its been since I’ve posted.  I really didn’t think anyone read this.  Well to update.  Gracie is 3 now, and going to school, when she can.  Currently, she hasn’t been in a week.  She has recently started the ketogenic diet.  She was put on it to try to help get rid of some of her seizures, and help get her off of some of the medicine.  It was a very rough start getting on the diet, and now about 3 weeks into, still rough.  She is having more seizures than ever.  I went into this diet with so much encouragement, hope and enthusiasm, but now, I just hope to have enough strenght to make it through each day.  When we started, she wasn’t a kid who had a ton of seizures, just bad reactions to meds.  Now shes having up to like 20 in a day.  The nutritionist treats me like I’m an idiot, I call her first, instead of neuro, and she tells me to call neuro, what does neuro say, lets take her off the diet. She freaks out, well lets see, maybe there was a reason I called her first.  Then she wants to blame everything else for the seizure, well, monday is D day, one by one the tests are comming back, so far, nothing, so changes are going to have to be made.  I think this diet may actually work for her, or at least help her, if it is managed properly.  We shall see.


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