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Progress note

Well, so Gracie had another surgery this past monday.  She had her tonsils and adnoids taken out.  Did ok through the surgery, although we spent about 20 mins talking to the anestisia doctor about weather or not to have it done at all, because she was sick.  He said there’s a risk that she would have to stay intubated and be put in the icu.  The only problem was if we  had canceled it, and some back in a week, a month, whatever, she would have pry been sick all over again.  So they did it, and she did ok, she had some issues with dropping her O2 sats when she’d go into a deep sleep, but they came right back up, as soon as she was messed with.  So that was a week ago tomarrow.  SHe seems to be doing pretty good now, still needs some pain meds, but thats ok.  I’m hoping this will help her sleep better now, and eat.  The ENT said when he got in there, her adnoids we almost totally blocking her nostrils.  ANd much the same with her tonsils, he said they were HUGE.  Partly because her head really isn’t growing like it should.  THat been a big factor of her development, if the head isn’t growing, the brain isn’t either.  Though, she did just recently learn to say ‘mom’!!!! THis comming from the kid who they said would never walk or talk.  THe walking thing still seems to be a little ways off.  If I could just find something, anything that she really WANTS, I think she could at least crawl, she has the strength.  Its just the motivation.  Theres nothing that she really wants that bad to make her want to do something.  She LOVES her dumbo movie, and her binki, but if she doesn’t have them, she will just look at her hands, or play with her foot.  She is learning to play with me and other people.  When she wants you to play with her, make a silly noise, or whatever else she’ll look at you until she sees you look at her, then she’ll look away, then back at you, then away, then back at you, until she gets you to play with her, then she’ll throw her head back laughing.  She’s just getting soo much personality so quick.  She’s also learned to choose what she wants to play with by looking and holding hergaze on the picture she wants.  She’s come so far, and worked so hard to get there. 

She's getting soo big



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